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The California resident has worked as a nude model since August At around aus nudes on 3 January, Ward tweeted a nude image of herself — with an angel emoji acting as a modesty strip — alongside a list of charities her followers could fund. The cause is a personal one for Ward, who was affected by the Carr and Camp fires in northern California in Ward explains that she is offering something people were already prepared to pay for.

Ward is flattered that others are following in her footsteps. If people are doing that successfully it makes me so happy. But not all of the attention has been positive. Since posting the viral tweet, Ward has faced criticism for posts she has made on social media.

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Ward has also been upset that her Instagramwhich had more than 60, followers and was a ificant source of revenue, has been deleted. People are stealing my identity through Instagram. Ultimately, Ward remains upbeat about the situation. This article is more than 1 year old.

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Photograph: Twitter. Alyx Gorman. Tue 7 Jan Bushfire donations: where will the millions that have been given be spent?

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