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Everything that can be done with dance and through dance today. These are the artists carol wayne nude a live performance scene that has no borders, resonant with the forms and content of the world. Radicalsas McGregor defines them, the expression of an incisive dance that, compelled by the urgencies of the world, speaks to our time.

The formal rigour that has developed from a long and unrelenting reflection about dance has made Pam Tanowitz one of the leading choreographers of the new millennium, in the repertory of the major dance companies, and in Italy for the first time for La Biennale.

With an overarching understanding of dance, from Balanchine to Cunningham via Viola Farber, Tanowitz uses all the tools offered by past and present dance to disassemble its mechanisms and recreate them in new forms. Dance as a stage prop is the original approach of the painter, sculptor and performance artist Olivier de Sagazan. Created inTransfiguration — in which the body of the artist is transfigured under layers of clay — is an extreme work that is constantly expanding, intersecting dance theatre and the plastic arts.

It has been performed over times in 20 different countries and counts over 6 million views on YouTube. The evolution of the work over the past decade has intensified the performance aspect: de Sagazan shifted the perspective by distributing the performance of the civil servant in suit and tie who disfigures himself into a monstrous creature, among six dancers. This led to the creation of a new production, in which «the effect of the group, along with its instinctive way of moving gives these masked bodies a strangeness and a carol wayne nude I could never have imagined.

In them I saw the embryo of incredible paintings and over time it became clear to me that there was something I had to do, like a painter with his paints and his brushes. Paint with bodies covered in mud which look like sculptures» O. Al desnudo is a dynamic workshop that begins with a classical duet then grows into a limpid process of deconstruction that reveals the pattern and mechanisms of creation as it comes into being. The original duo merges with the notes of the Violin Concerto no.

It is the cry of rage and suffering of a generation that rallies the power of the group against the sense of catastrophe, with its battles and conflicts, violence but also the vitality of rebellion. An irrepressible and adrenaline-filled performance with bodies flying, jolted by the pulsations of the sounds sculpted by composer and producer Rone, surrounded by a horde of ravers who survived the collapse of civilization.

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The focus is on a political vision of dance that gives prominence to the choreographic forms of popular rebellion — from raves to traditional dance to the Internet jumpstyles — nurtured by the thinking of Alain Damasio, the science fiction author, and his battle of the imaginary. She has made the unorthodox choice to portray the cross-section of a community, her childhood community in Belfast with its horizons limited by cultural, social and religious constraints. Doherty captures the daily-life dimension of the working classes, which are virtually absent from the dance stage, their violence and vulnerability, their quirks, stereotypes and vices, as well as their courage, strength and energy.

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Somewhere at the Beginning is the solo in which Germaine Acognythe pioneer of contemporary African dance and the Golden Lion for Lifetime Achievement of the Festival, comes to terms with her own past, the roots that are the starting points for our entire lives, embodied in the archaic figures that accompany her. British artist Phil Griffin ed them as a co-director of the film. Based on a monologue written by Fabre and interpreted by Baryshnikov, Not Once unveils — through eleven imaginary rooms of a photographic exhibit — the platonic relationship between the subject and a female photographer who, for years, has manipulated his body and re-worked it into different entities.

The multimedia work is conceived for film and explores the relations between an artist, his work and life, his public and ultimately, the balance between giving and taking — between dependency and independency. Tom is, first and foremost, a work about sadness, solitude, isolation: it is the story of the journey, both inner and real at the same time, of a man who lends his impenetrable face to a string of men closed inside the same railway car with the same imperturbable expression.

A journey in search of the self, through anguish, desire, nostalgia, illusion. This is the result of the research by Hannes Koch and Florian Ortkrass who in founded the artistic collective Random International to enable collaborations on carol wayne nude projects. All of them will be in residence in Venice, with the support of La Biennale, for three months from May to July, working along two technical, creative and performance tracks, much of them shared, which will end with a presentation on the stages of the 15th International Festival of Contemporary Dancein a double programme: works from the repertoire of Wayne McGregor Far and Crystal Pite Solo Echo and five short original choreographies ca.

The selected artists will then attend daily carol wayne nude dedicated to the techniques of ballet and contemporary dance with world-renowned masters; sessions to explore the creative world and repertoire of McGregor himself and another important figure in contemporary choreography, Crystal Pite.

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This is a way to understand the work from the inside together with its creators, deconstructing a choreography into its essential elements to understand its mechanisms from within. Specific sessions will then be dedicated to the individual creation of the dancers-choreographers, who will work on a short choreographic piece conceived in close collaboration with the dancers of the College. The more specifically aesthetic aspects, finally, will combine with the practical skills that can help to understand what it means to prepare to be a well-rounded professional today — from how the dance market works to how to build a portfolio to send to promoters and producers, from the power of psychology to self-esteem.

From Vitruvian man, the ideal measure of all things, to the contemporary dancer, subject and object of increasingly integrated knowledge, dance achieves a natural understanding with architecture. Thus, this year, the 15th International Festival of Contemporary Dance will intersect with the places and times of the 17th International Architecture Exhibition. Their solo performances — Solos in Architecture Biennale — carol wayne nude be presented at the Arsenale in the section of the Exhibition titled Amongst Diverse Beings.

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Interaction, dialogue, sharing and connection — communication as the heart of our experience, our most basic human need. Today, our understanding of our bodies and the bodies of others is exploding in multiple dimensions, blurring with its once external environments, and augmented in a myriad of startling and perception-altering ways.

We are learning how to communicate anew. An ancient union, between cinema and dance, which is now expanding rapidly, and which has found perfect amplification on the web channels and social media, driven towards a constant and accelerated carol wayne nude by smart technology. This carol wayne nude be a field to explore with an eye to the future: starting with the filmed contributions of the artists invited to the Festival which better define their work, through the works of established directors, and ending with experimental and still artisanal visions.

To establish a relationship open to knowledge and to a direct in-person dialogue, with an audience that is aware and open to experimentation with different expressive languages. To this end, the Festival proposes conversations to be held after the shows with the featured artists.

A mosaic of visions, stories, skills through the presence of extraordinary dance artists. Like in QuaranZinean intimate and visual diary that assembles moments before and after the lockdown. Indigo Lewin will be in residence for the duration of the Festival to capture snapshots, details and moods behind the scenes. These images will be shown in an exhibition at Biennale Danza A project about the contemporary age with two extended programmes of commissions. The first allocates resources to the recipient of the Silver Lion award, selected annually, to contribute to the development of a future production.

The second will commission an independent creation every year reserved for Italian artists, which will become a project featuring the many voices of new Italian dance.

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During the Festival, the winner will be announced of the commission for an original creation to be presented at Biennale Danza To ensure that the new creation will find the instruments, spaces and time it requires, the commitment of Biennale Danza will be not only economic, but artistic as well. We wish to thank the Ministry for Culture for its ificant contribution and the Regione del Veneto for the support it has granted to the programmes of the Dance Department of La Biennale di Venezia. This year marks the beginning of a new collaboration with Bottega Veneta — a company with an innovative artisanal identity rooted in Italian culture but with a global outlook — that under the creative direction of Daniel Lee will offer its support for the next two years as the Main Sponsor of the activities of Biennale Danza and Biennale College Danza.

The call is aimed at the development of an original new choreography to be submitted by Italian choreographers and companies. The Silver Lion goes to dancer and choreographer Oona Doherty. We use cookies and third-party cookies carol wayne nude enhance your experience of our website. To learn more and modify your settings go to our Privacy Policy. By continuing to navigate you declare to accept and consent to the use of cookies pursuant to the relevant terms and conditions.

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Biennale Danza call for a new choreography reserved for Italian artists. The Biennale Danza opens to the city: public workshops with dancers and choreographers. All the news. Digita cosa stai cercando. Art Art. Newsletter Subscribe to the Newsletter and get the latest info on our programmes and initiatives. Follow us facebook twitter youtube instagram feed rss. Note Legali Privacy Cookies Credits.

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