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Welcome to the GoFuckYourself. You are currently viewing our boards as a guest which gives you limited access to view most discussions and access our other features. By ing our free community you will have access to post topics, communicate privately with other members PMrespond to polls, content and access many other special features. Registration is fast, simple and absolutely free so please, our community today! If you have any problems with the registration process or yourplease. Go to Originally Posted by ianmoone Thanks drexl! Ill try to keep an eye out for Chaturbate Models that violate that.

Just to be clear, what is against the rules with the Bio here? Originally Posted by heiko0o. Originally Posted by razor Twitter is also common. Chaturbate can't control what's being done outside their site, hence they should forbid any such activity. This would be the single most important thing, because this is a lot more common than the overlays imho. It would be in their best interest too, i'm unable to understand why such things are allowed. Biggest leak right there. I wouldn't allow the models selling anything else than videos, picture sets and have an Amazon wishlist maybe.

I personally think this whole overlay thing is blown out of proportions. There are k female models online at any given moment. Drexl who's onto this for a while now, was able to post like 10 models? One would think reading the last couple s of this thread, that there are hundreds of models doing this. Chaturbate is more like the wild west now, where almost anything goes. Take a look at Livejasmin in comparison. There's absolutely no linking outside of the site, no private contact info sharing. This is how it should be. I also suggested maybe putting it clearly in the site terms that this is not allowed then everyone the new updated site terms.

Probably pushing my luck with that though. Originally Posted by AllAboutCams. What you have got to laugh about is these models are asking members to create new s under their link to steal our earnings yet their profiles are full of threats that if you copy or use their pictures or videos they will sue you. Fucking ironic eh? Does anyone know chaturbate forums there is chaturbate forums chaturbate forum all the models go to and chat with each other?

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Originally Posted by drexl. I think we are making a mistake by convincing ourselves that this is not right: Chaturbate is ultimately the key decider in the matter and they do allow this behaviour. Except when it comes to the top banner, chaturbate forums models are technically prevented from overlaying anything they can do it after all Asking us to send an to Support for every single model who is planting affiliate links on the site is like saying "yeah sure, we'll look into that It looks to me that a third party is providing that.

Find More Posts by BettyBoob1. That Ocicat is asking folk to create a new under her link though. As i said in an earlier post, people need to go through the "legal" terms of chaturbate i think its in the footer. I think they have been smart with any writing on the site regarding revshare though. Nothing about that being for the lifetime of the referral whilst using the site. I am not saying I am happy with it, I am not. It is our chaturbate forums of the rules that is wrong.

Having said that, it is totally unethical and disrespectful towards webmasters. But what can we do? I would like a Chaturbate representative to comment on that "please register a new username with my link to support me". What you see prominently on Ocicat's is only the tip of the iceberg, imagine what's going on in private chats and social media etc. Also, there seems to be a business of helping models building their profiles: some third parties offer this service for a subscription.

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Models pay this service and they can add images, change fonts, and add buttons through the platform And asking customers to use a different username or site is neither traffic nor well, chaturbate forums is traffic but in the other sense of the word!

February has been the worst months in terms of earnings for me, since i started in How is everyone doing on the new period? Last period was the worst but this one is looking good Got a reply from Chaturbate support in regard to the ones i reported so fingers crossed something changes: Thank you for your report. We appreciate your concern and we will take appropriate action. Please let us know if you have any additional details to share in the meantime. Thank you, Support Was this helpful?

Yes No. Besides, the chaturbate wl is obviously showing free stuff so I would expect users to stay. I can't imagine chaturbate. What is your bounce rate? Any idea why this is happening?

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On my main WL, the bounce rate is Find More Posts by Andreweb. I have made no sales so far today, thats quite unusual, i wonder if its the stats being delayed or just really bad luck? A particular broadcaster's chatroom is not viewable on any whitelabels.

It is only accessible on chaturbate. Does anyone have any idea why this is happening and who is blacklisting our whitelabels? It is not the chaturbate forums time I see this. I have yet to look at js development on the chaturbate app platform to see the potential. Originally Posted by Brian mike. I may be wrong but i think there is an option for model to up-out from Affiliates promotion?

Yup, still there. And still no good answers from Chaturbate. Atleast they could start an investigation on what is chaturbate forums going on but it still seems like they don't care. Welp, im starting new websites soon and i think my new websites won't become part of the Chaturbate Whitelabel Program when this continues. Once a user s up under your referral link, that username is tied to your for the life of their. They aren't allowed to do it in a malicious or deceptive manner. Is there no way to link a user full name or card details. Also i was browsing twitter to recruit 4 more models to open up my own studio on CB.

Date: Dec Originally Posted by Mohawk Steve.

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