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Are you a game developer? The following post was written by the team over at Sabotage Studiocreators of The Messenger as well as the upcoming game Sea of Stars. With this guest piece, Sabotage Studio will take you through their journey as a developer using Discord to its fullest extent, leveraging our entire tool set to build the best community experience on the platform. But building a community is one thing.

I oversee the production and marketing of our games. The whole team, which now counts 23 members, has been working on our upcoming game Sea of Stars since then. The release is planned foron both PC and consoles. Sea of Stars was funded via a very successful Kickstarter campaign during which Discord played a key role in dirty discord servers backers perks like server roles, distributing the backer-exclusive demo, and overall community management.

As a general guideline, once a few posts on social media start to generate a bit of traction is when it might be time to make the jump. However, creating a server and hoping that a well-functioning community will emerge out of nothing is not enough. We rapidly discovered a few essentials when it comes to putting together a space where people want to hang out. Here are a few things that worked great for us. One major goal for us was to build a community free of toxicity of any kind.

The first step towards achieving that was having a proper ruleset. From the get-go, all new members are exposed to these rules and made aware that breaking them will end up in getting banned. This helped us set the tone right away.

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Oh no. For us, it comes in two ways:. Built on strong moderation guidelines, a 0-tolerance policy for toxicity, full transparency from the team and incentives to be active, we managed to grow at a steady pace while maintaining a wholesome vibe on the server.

Our community members developed a strong bond with the moderation team, and they play an active role in regulating the quality of interactions on the server. Anything that feels off-topic, unsafe or even toxic is quickly called out. This means anyone that comes from any background can hop in and start discussing in the general channel without fear of being judged. We want our community members to immerse themselves fully in our universe, and this implies letting them feel free to express themselves and be creative.

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And this is when the real fun started. It also meant figuring out what makes us stand out as a studio. First, our games all belong to a single universe with a rich lore.

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It gave us an opportunity to our titles under a unique server and grow the community for Sea of Stars from what The Messenger had started. Our games also are single-player endeavors. Since these cycles are roughly 3-year long, we have to maintain engagement by constantly figuring out creative ways to engage with the community. They brought with them stories, which the community was able to interact with and influence the many outcomes. They all ed Discord as bots with dialog commands accessible by admins on the server. For the full immersion within Discord, we built an external web-based renderer that generates dialog boxes with text within it, to simulate the in-game UI.

Using roles, reactions, direct messages, public messages, voice channels, and an external infrastructure, we deed multiple game mechanics on top of these stories. It is also an interactive experience that evolves depending on where the community wants it to go. Some of the main characters involved in the ARG also act as bots, helping us automate tasks such as opt-in functions, roles, and moderation, while keeping a high level of immersion.

The Clockwork Concierge Appearing at first as a boss in The Messenger, The Clockwork Concierge was the first bot that ed the server, and is, to this day, the biggest Discord project we created and maintained. It was updated more than 10 times with new features. As you would expect from a concierge, it serves multiple purposes. Other than chatting quite often with the community, it acts as a moderation bot by making sure no offensive content makes it to any channels.

If the Concierge strikes you, you better watch your language because it has the ability to ban you from the server. We also built some functions so that followers can opt-in or out of notifications at the start of specific activities such as ARG events or streams by sending the Concierge commands via DMs like:.

No need to say that they are characters with a special status, and so are the Solstice Warriors on the Discord server. Members who are greeted the role by Headmaster Moraine gain writing access to the mooncradle channel and are allowed to participate in special ARG events. But to get there, they first need to be nominated by other experienced community members via the bot, encouraging newcomers to participate, and to do it respectfully.

The bot will ask questions via private messages about character traits and how each new member thinks it can contribute to the general community experience. To each their own! The dialog renderer This external app was built on top of the Discord image feature and allows the multiple characters from the Sabotage universe to communicate using the in-game UI elements through Discord. The admins can swap between multiple characters, change font size and color. It also switches from UI style depending on which channel the character interacts.

When one of these dialog boxes pops in a channel, you know something exciting is cooking. An Alternate Reality Game is nothing without thought-out, immersive stories for the community to interact with. The outcomes vary from game reveals, unlocking a new channel or deepening the lore. To get a better understanding of how it all goes down, here are two examples of memorable Sabotage ARG moments.

This Discord currency system allowed the community to unlock server perks and new chapters in the ARG story from the Shopkeeper, a well-known character from The Messenger. This allows us to really capitalize on the fact that our games take place in a shared universe, and make it feel organic. The Mooncradle snowball fight In more recent times, this last winter, the Clockwork Concierge threw a tournament between the Sun and Moon Dirty discord servers Warrior clans worthy of our northern roots: a snowball fight.

The prize? A trophy exhibited in Sea of Stars yes, I mean IN the game with the names of all the fighters of the winning team. Remembering the first round of the tournament, it was absolute mayhem. Absolute, silly fun, mayhem. But how do you create the feel of a snowball fight in a Discord server you may ask? A few minutes before the start of a new round, the concierge made an announcement for members to opt in by sending it a command via DMs to make sure the participants were online when the fighting starts.

Snowballs were then distributed randomly to fighters on both sides and a predefined time range for the round was announced. Then, let the fighting begin! As quickly as possible, they had to throw dirty discord servers to an enemy fighter using the! The process was then repeated on their side. At the end, the dirty discord servers who had held on to snowballs for the least amount of time was the winner of the round.

Points were calculated automatically dirty discord servers by the bot. To make sure all that frenziness was visible to everyone, Clocko was commentating all the action and updating the score every few minutes in the channel. No mercy was given on both sides.

That was until the very end where, against all odds, both teams found themselves tied just before the very last round. Discord also was front and center when it came to distributing our backer-exclusive demo at the end of the following summer.

Once again, automation and the discovery of less known Discord features made our lives so much easier. The Kickstarter Assistant With more than 10, backers out of 25, eligible for a Discord role after the Sea of Stars Kickstarter campaign, we had to automate the process.

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So here came another bot: the Kickstarter Assistant. Backers were directed to the assistant, which was able to verify them using their address. It could then automatically as the right roles, give access to the backer-exclusive channels, and distribute other digital rewards. This would have been an unimaginably tedious task without the custom bot.

This created a huge hype on the server, as thousands of people were going through the demo at the same time. Distributing all these backer rewards via our Discord server helped us centralize early feedback, backer updates and overall community management.

This way, Discord was without a doubt a key contributor to the success of our Kickstarter campaign. During that period, our server grew from a couple thousands members to over 16, to dirty discord servers day. Thanks to the thorough guidelines we established when it was still a small community, this fast expansion went over quite smoothly. Well, that was a lot. The reality for each studio is different. The amount of time and money you want to spend in your Discord community will differ depending on a wide array of factors.

What I will say though, is that for us the have exceeded our expectations by a lot. Even so, it became so much more than about games. It is a huge playground that we keep experimenting with, always trying to push the possibilities that the platform has to offer. And to be honest, altogether, building this was quite easy. We got a lot of support from Discord team members when we went with more experimental approaches.

For example, when we launched the Kickstarter bot on our server, thousands of members interacted with it in the first hour. It was flagged as a spam bot by Discord because of the many DMs it sent for the external authentication process, which led to a crash. I reached out to the Discord crew, and it was whitelisted within minutes, which then allowed everything to run smoothly.

The harder parts about Discord revolves around the fact that it dirty discord servers an ever-evolving platform. Some modules are experimental, some of them get deprecated quickly, and committing to building innovative bots can be hard in this context. Thanks so much Phil and everyone at Sabotage Studio for this great and insightful piece.

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Dirty discord servers

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