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But in BDSM —an umbrella term that encompasses bondage and discipline, domination and submission, sadism, and masochism—punishment can be a major component of sex. And a pleasurable one, at that. Every couple is free to determine the type and severity of punishments they want to use—and the options are essentially endless. Like with most deliciously kinky things, punishment is not just about pain, but also pleasure.

Despite the connotation of punishing dom sub ideas, the activity still requires enthusiastic consent from all parties; the punished wants to be punished, and the punisher wants to punish. This is where you bring someone to the brink of orgasm, only to stop touching them right before orgasm.

Oh, the sweet agony. Put them over your knee and show them what happens to naughty people who break the rules. Just remember to aim for the fleshy parts of the body, such as the butt cheeks and upper thighs. Or, you could deny them a spanking. Force your sub to agree to keep their pretty little mouth shut. You can go a step further by not allowing your submissive to speak while in a public place without asking permission first. Make your submissive walk on all fours with a collar and a leash like a dog. You can incorporate a dog mask deed for kink, like this oneand even take the act outside for the public humiliation factor.

This is a form of public degradation: You make your submissive wear a shirt that literally says "slut" on it. Come back to them begging you to set them free. This is when you "make" your partner "take" the pleasure, even if it feels like over-stimulation. This is when the dom has sex with someone else and forces the sub to watch.

Cuckolding is a more advanced activity, and we suggest doing your research before bringing a new person into the bedroom. For a slightly tamer version, the dominant partner can make the submissive watch them get off with a toy.

Make your body their prize and make the longing for it the punishment. What better excuse dom sub ideas not have to do the dishes tonight?

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If your sub is naughty, take away dom sub ideas table privileges and force them to eat off the floor like a dog. Tell your sub to get on all fours and act as a stool for you to rest your feet. Is your sub being a little brat? Have your sub go to the grocery store, the dry cleaners, or some other ordinary place while wearing a panty vibrator. You can accompany them, if you choose. We love the We-Vibe Moxiewhich comes with its own remote for the dom to control.

If your sub breaks the rules, write what they did wrong on their body in permanent marker. Have your sub sit in the shower or bathtub and pee on them. This kind of humiliation play can get messy, so you might want to do it in the nude. If they break the rules, take away something they enjoy as punishment. This could be access to the show they want to watch, their cell phone, or even an orgasm. This one is taken right out of the old Catholic school playbook.

Have your sub wear a collar around. This shows them that they belong to you and you are in control. If you want ideas, we love this one. United States.

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Dom sub ideas

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