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The Formans thought they heard a burglar- it's Hyde and Jackie sleeping on the basement couch-bed, because her mother has left too. Red discovers Eric sleeps in the bare and starts calling the boy 'Mr. Nude' thrice in every sentence. Donna regrets pleading Jackie should be helped when Red stops Kitty volunteering as usual and Bob decides to invite her to share Donna's room.

Against everyone's advice as he makes a bad first impression, Fez gets a beauty treatment from Kelso and goes to meet lover Nina's parents, who are friendly till he states being her boyfriend, then is rejected as not white enough. Duck and cover! I bet Eric's trying to sneak out. Red, Red. What if it's a burglar?

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What's a burglar donna from that 70s show nude steal from us? My Shirley Temple figurines. Oh, I knew I shouldn't have told Liz Anderson about them. Look at this. Some guard dog. You know, we could be trampled by Mongolians. This thing wouldn't even wag its tail.

I-I-I heard a scary noise. Good God. Are you nude? I'm gettin' my bat. All right. Calm down. It's probably just Steven trying to sneak out. What if it's not Steven? What if the burglar has Steven? Well, then we'll try to talk him into taking Eric too. Let's do this. Bare-assed and holding a plastic bat.

That's your son, Kitty. What kind of burglar robs people on a weeknight? Doesn't he have a job to go to in the morning? Forman, are you naked? Who the hell do you think you are And right in our basement. We keep our Christmas decorations down there. BabyJesus was watching. You knocked over my space command center? I spent three hours building that. Now what is going on in my basement? Jackie's been sleeping here the last couple of weeks. Couple of weeks? This is not the Playboy Mansion, you know. Um, space command centers were ruined! Would you please go put some pants on?

This is where I eat. Jackie's only been staying here 'cause her dad's in jail That's private. Your mom's not back yet? You told me she came home. Could we not talk about this? I'm fine. Everything is fine. I don't need anything. I'm only here 'cause I am such a tramp. So, I should just go home and try to control my dirty urges. Jackie, you're not going home. There's nobody there. Look, Jackie. Tonight you can sleep in Laurie's room Honey, do you have any idea where she might be? Well, the last postcard I got had a picture of some guy with a bone through his nose.

What is that, like, Tennessee? Hey, Donna. This just in: Your weirdo boyfriend sleeps in the nude.

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I do too. Oh, yeah! Oh, I can see it now. And it is glorious. Excuse me. Jackie, I can't believe your parents are gone. I mean, how could I not be? Forman did my hair and made me smiley-faced pancakes.

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Eric, this house is like a shabby hotel with really great service. Oh, hey, while you're visiting, here's my LEGO set and a picture Get building. I swear to God, if my three-man escape pod doesn't fit the star bay I have a question. If Hyde was in Hyde's bed She needed a place to sleep. Oh, shut up, Michael. It's not like we were doing it.

Oh, come on, Jackie. You can't sleep in the same bed with someone and not be doing it. I've fallen asleep not doin' it and woken up doin' it. And that's why they won't put him to sleep at the dentist. Guys, I don't know what's going on with Nina. I keep asking to meet her parents, but she keeps making excuses. It's probably the same reason I won't let you meet my parents. She's afraid you're gonna say something weird and embarrass her.

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Oh, please. I'm a hot-looking, smooth-talking, frisky-assed son-of-a-bitch. Hey, Fez. Right there.

Donna from that 70s show nude

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