Example d/s scenes

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Good communication beforehand can help both parties relax so that they can focus on enjoying the session. This is huge because it will kill the mood if you have to go fumble looking for rope or lube halfway during a scene. One thing my Dom likes to do is lay out everything on the bed when we start. Another thing you could do is put everything in a toy box and have it nearby so you can simply grab it. Just make sure everything is organized and easily accessible. Having a good sequence also keeps you from just doing things randomly without a purpose or meaning in mind.

Here is the meaning of each part of a scene:. Beginning- Sets the mood and builds anticipation. This can be mostly verbal to start out with. Light teasing is also good.

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Middle- More intense playing can start. This may be where the sub begins to wonder if they will be able to last. End- The Dom brings the sub back down gradually. Both of them may have already orgasmed. Just like every story needs a conflict, so should every good BDSM play session. When thinking about ideas for building tension, try to do it not just physically, but emotionally too. Which brings us to our next scene strategy:.

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When a sub is slightly afraid, their nervous system is more heightened. Not knowing what the Dom will do next will be a huge turn on for them, and bring a deeper meaning to the relationship. The easiest way to achieve this is by taking away one or more senses. The sub could be blindfolded, restrained in some way, given earphones with loud music, or even gagged.

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The Dominant can then give pleasure or pain unexpectedly. I hope you loved learning about how to set up a scene correctly. Just remember: your main goal should be for you and your partner to connect and enjoy each other. So relax, apply the strategies in this article, and I know your next play session will be so much more intense. Have fun playing! I just found your website recently, and have example d/s scenes enjoyed exploring it. I was recently introduced to being a sub, and have been wanting more info on what makes a good sub.

Your website is so informational. Thank you so much! Thank you, Example d/s scenes, that means so much to me. Being a sub is very rewarding and I hope you have fun exploring the lifestyle. You have great advise and a good way of explaining thing that make it fun and easy to read. There are so many people interested in a BDSM lifestyle but are too afraid to learn about it.

I love how open-minded you are, Chloe. Thank you for all of the information on your blog! I have always wanted to be sub in my relationship but scared to tell my husband. Finally after 10 years I worked up the nerve to tell him what I have been wanting and needing and he was totally supportive. This is something we are going to explore together and I am so excited to see how it transforms our relationship.

We already felt immediately closer just from sharing our desires. Thank you! Good for you for having the courage to tell your husband what you want and need. I still remember that first conversation I had with my husband. I love how you emphasize building up and give resources. My Dom and I are both relatively new. I get alot of my ideas from your website.

I look forward to your posts, which are always succinct and educational………and lots of fun! Keep it up……. Thank you!! Thank yiunfor helping me please my Dom!!! And to be a better sub!!! I am finally exploring the lifestyle I have always wanted and this wed site is incredibly helpful. Thank you so much. Through online trainings and mentoring, I help new and experienced Doms and subs live the BDSM lifestyle to the fullest. Facebook Twitter Pinterest. Comments I just found your website recently, and have really enjoyed exploring it.

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Example d/s scenes

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