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I have tried fetlife, personals on reddit, alt. What tips and tricks are there to try to find someone who will at least give me a chance. When you tried fetlife, did you get out to any events? I ask because an awful lot of dominant women don't connect online because they get absolutely inundated with messages.

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This means for those that do, its hard to stand out, and for those who don't, you are missing them entirely. Also keep in mind that fetlife is not a dating site. Using it as such an exercise in frustration. Getting out to events and creating a network of people around you of all genders, orientations, roles and experience levels will increase the of like minded people you come into contact with.

It can also help you build a positive reputation very important for many in the community and give you a chance to show your self to be someone others want to be around through your actions and demeanor. The more you put into it, the more you'll get out of it. Got to events, volunteer, be active, be honest and be you. One of the biggest mistakes many people make is to be looking for "a mistress" rather than "A person I connect with". Make sure nothing about your profiles or messages is reducing someone down to what they can do for you, or to a single part find a mistress their personality.

You need to like each other as people first.

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Other options is just to try to date open minded people. Lots of people are into or will do kinky shit without actually identifying as kinky. Thanks for the advice.

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I have sent people in my area that host events messages and have tried to get advice on how to act but have yet been able to find a time that im not working, or find a mistress with university. Unfortunately it seems to be largely dumb luck. The above advice is excellent but I'm a mistress with some social anxiety issues and rarely go to munches. That being said I am absolutely inundated with messages daily and the only time I respond is when someone is kind and mindful of my time, original, responsive and flirtatious. The last part is key for me because I've gotten a bunch of questions about General community knowledge and had simply no idea the person was using that as a gateway to get to know me, which is fine, but I'm sure I came off as a kink robot.

Which might be sexy. If you feel comfortable let me know where you're at and if you're in my community I may have further regional specific advice. Im in southern alberta canada. I completely agree. Thinking about going to munches stresses me out and the idea of trying to integrate into an established community is scary for me.

I find it very difficult to put myself into these situations and when I do i find myself not acting as myself and putting on a nervous persona.

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Instead of only staying on the net, go to social BDSM events which are usually advertised on the sites you mention. There, you get to know people, and from there on, it's very simple. How does anyone meet anyone else? Get out there and mingle, I guess.

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Go to social places, gym, work, uni, parties, etc. It sometimes feels like us kinksters are looking for needles in haystacks, but really, everyone is in the same boat. And sure, we'd like to know upfront whether kink is an option so we don't pursue someone only to find out it won't work. If only it worked that way. It's important to have it very clear what it is you are looking for, exactly and why. Is it a part time mistress or a partner who enjoys being dominant the degree to be negotiated or a masturbation aid for when you want to get off.

But you mentioned that you already ed Alt. What is the best way to find a mistress. Posted by 3 years ago. Sort by: best. Continue this thread. A diverse group of warm friendly, knowledgeable, kinky people. Find a mistress you're looking for graphic content, or overtly sexual material, we're not the place for you. Have an issue in your kinky relationship?

Want to know more about a specific technique? Think you have a fetish, but don't know what to call it? You're not alone. Ask us.

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Find a mistress

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A beginner’s guide to finding a mistress: my joy comes from being in control