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This article has been republished with her permissionafter it was originally published on Fetlifewhere it was intended for a fetish inclined audience. Everybody is always so curious about this subject. Is it real?

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Do people really get off on sending hot girls their hard earned cash? The answer is YES. As unbelievable as it sounds, financial domination — or findom for short — is more real and alive than ever before. It is the most real, tangible form of power that exists on earth. When you give it to me, your power shifts to me, too. The evidence is in plain sight on IWantClips. Without fail, tributes pour in bigger and hornier than ever before.

On August 29th,the 1 ranked model on the site findom kik over k in just one day.

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Many recent documentaries have tried to explain it, but always fall short in my opinion. It is the most elusive fetish to mentally wrestle with, also one of the most taboo, but also easily accessible to many, even vanillas — almost everyone has a credit card. Ha, if it only it were that simple.

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So what is findom? Is findom something that I expect every single submissive to do? Of course not, duh! Trust and believe that I have many other perverted fantasies and ideas of my own that need fulfilling, this one just happens to be my favourite. You see, money is power. Submission through cash is a powerful, potent drug.

Turns out, many people have the fantasy of being rich enough to do this, to spoil a hot girl just for fun, just to get her attention, but only a few actually are. Even fewer people would admit to being incredibly turned on by doing it.

Which is fine! Not everyone has to be into every fetish, obviously. Well, you may actually be a piece of shit human, just saying. Far far away. I pity findom kik poor woman you end up with, if you can even land one, asshole. In summary, this should give you a general quick education of the concepts and ideas behind this mysterious fetish.

Opening your mind to the idea that many, many people enjoy and strive to play hard, edgy, and expensively this way. To be made to stroke, click, pay, and then lock up your dick for the night with the bluest balls of your life? To get on your knees, wallet open, in front of your computer?

Let these ideas marinate in your kinky brain, and realize that cash might be the most powerful aphrodisiac out there. Once again, this article was written by Latex Barbieand was originally intended for a kink oriented audience. It has been republished here with her permission, findom kik minor edits made by Mistress Emelia. Modern products and services for the adult industry; Our…. Modern products and services for the adult industry; Our flagship product is a platform for self-publishing and selling adult content online. Medium is an open platform where million readers come to find insightful and dynamic thinking.

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Findom kik

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