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Shasvathi Siva, a writer and TedX speaker, faced unprecedented harassment when she, in desperation, tweeted her phone regarding a query about possible plasma donors and ventilator requirements. I thought it wouldn't get worse, but since this morning, I've received on whatsapp 3 dick pics, and 7 men trying to video call me continuously. Even in a medical emergency, men think only with their genitals.

Speaking to Vice India, Shasvathi explained how the condition of a particular family member had been deteriorating since they got infected by the virus. This time, a few friends stepped up and got a few influential s to post on my behalf. Soon, my mobile phone got passed around on some stories and some tweets.

I panicked a little when I saw my on some popular s, but a friend reassured me this would be the easiest and quickest way to reach me.

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Since I was in a state of panic and desperation where the only thing that mattered was the life of a loved one, I agreed. We cannot even imagine the panic she must have been in. However, men, especially Indian, will stop at nothing.

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Amidst the hundreds of calls that started pouring in, she adds, that a lot of them were genuine le. Yet, the bad experience and harassment cannot be hushed. Posted on instagram about the harrasment I faced from men when I put my out for a Covid emergency.

Not only have the "Not All Men" brigade arrived on the comments section, I'm getting harrassed even more. And then you wonder why victims don't speak up. Once again, I cut the call. If such a distressing situation is not already bad enough, Shasvathi adds that there were nearly 7 men trying to video call her amidst the confusion.

Where is the decency that you expect from people? Are we evolving backwards? Why wait till we have something to complain to the police about? Or should we continually be harassedoppressed and reduced? We totally understand. Srijoni Roy. What do you have to say about such a vile incident?

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