Guys who like cum

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Too much? I don't think so. I think I'm lucky. Yeah this is why I'm a bit confused about it. Lots seem to love it in private, but there's heaps that won't admit to it. JamesJamesJames I've noticed the same thing. Many women enjoy swallowing cum, but just as many won't admit it. They're in denial. Maybe they're embarrassed.

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Maybe it's because priggish people call women who enjoy swallowing cum, sluts and whores. In truth the boy cums, the girl swallows and nothing could be more natural than that! Yeah this seems right, lots of girls act like they like it and talk about it, but maybe they're just acting? I've had a girl say to me she loves seafood which is why she loves cum lol. So does it make you feel good too then when you make a guy cum? It doesn't taste like seafood though Well obviously thats the whole point. Lol i think she meant like oysters and stuff, all gooey and salty.

So do you keep going till there's none left? Like do you go back for more after the first mouthful? I've known girls like that too.

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One always wanted jazz on her face so she could take photos of it. Then she'd play with it with her fingers. JamesJamesJames "One always wanted jazz on her face" hey, who doesn't? I could listen to jazz whenever and wherever! Very smooth music. I don't know how one listens to it on the face though? If I have to have jazz on my face, it'd be on the ears, so I can hear it properly. I feel like they could get pregnant really easy, unless that's their goal. Yeah never thought of it like that. Guess it show's you've really turned them on.

Yea, well that's why I like it anyway. Like when there's lo, i feel kinda happy about it. Ah yeah that makes sense. Guys who like cum like that girl I mentioned in another comment, if there was none left would you feel disappointed? Have you ever drained a guy till there was none that came out? Yea I'd be disappointed if he didn't cum.

There's been times that he only cums a tiny bit after coming a few times and I feel kinda sad more than disappointed if I'm honest haha. It just feels like he didn't enjoy it and I did nothing for him.

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Cum is like the reward for pleasing him or something. Haha you know guy's aren't a factory down there :P I think the most big lo I can make is about 3 or 4 in a row before it dries up. Do you need more than that? Ok, yeah so you get rewarded too with mouthfuls of cum, win win yeah? A guy can take a break in between and have more I think.

And yep, it's a win win, he gets pleasure, I get cum :. You're greedy! Might make an interesting experiment. Yeah this is what I'm thinking. The reason I asked actually is I'm kinda seeing this girl now and whenever she comes over to watch a movie she goes down for a mouthful like 2 or 3 times. I don't ask her, she just does it. I couldn't even blow any after the 3rd time and she looked at me all disappointed that nothing came out.

But I'm thinking she does it to avoid sex as we haven't even done it yet. Are you saying that there's like chemicals and stuff in cum that makes the giver feel good? I've heard that there's supposed to be something in it that cures depression if girls eat a lot of it, but didn't know if that was true. So do girls like cum and where do they like the guy to cum? Inside, boobies, face, mouth, stomach? Share Facebook. Do girls like cum? Where do girls like their man to cum? Add Opinion.

I have a serious fetish and preference for a man cumming inside creampie and the more times and the more full the pussy is, the hornier I get! I enjoy fantasizing about bareback, pregnancy-risk sex and get off to thinking about my man making me pregnant and shooting sperm right into my cervix, as deep as he possibly can go, letting the instinctive urge to breed and reproduce take over his body guys who like cum surrender to letting nature take it's course.

And of course it's a super plus on the horny scale when I'm ovulating or around that time of fertility. My pussy craves semen. Lots of semen. As much as I can get. I love laying in place after my man cums inside me, leaving his penis inside for awhile, then laying there with my legs still opened, pillow under my bum so my pussy is facing upwards, allowing as much cum to stay put inside me as possible Taking in the warm, wet, full satisfied feeling overwhelming within.

Love the feeling of some dripping out of me, and touching it when it drips out, imagining the rest sticking to my vaginal walls and sperms swimming up into my cervix eager to fertilize my egg and impregnate me. Show All Show Less. Your body is programmed to react that way to bitter tastes, most poisons in nature have a bitter taste, that's why Also a bit salty, which I don't really mind. Current boyfriend's come is slightly salty, but its never been bitter. I've been told it has to do with the guy's diet.

IE a friend told me to have my boyfriend eat lots of fruit, especially like pineapple, to give it a sweeter taste. Inside, whether orally, vaginally, or anally [assuming guys who like cum both tested clean, exclusive, and are no longer using condoms]. That tends to be what he prefers too. But I think the occasional body shot can be fun too, and would have no issue if he wanted to do that to switch it up, or I may suggest it if I want to do something different.

I haven't had any of the guys I've been with bust on my face yet, but I'm not totally opposed to the idea. Typically though, inside. I just like the feeling, the intimacy. It just feels more satisfying to me. I enjoy giving a facial, and glazing on the breasts too!

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TheseusEscaped Xper 2. I think it depends on the girl and the guy they're with. My girlfriend refused to swallow until she dated me. Now she loves it. She says she craves my cum and demands that I finish in her mouth every time we have sex. If I finish in her ass or pussy, she acts upset, only half-jokingly.

Guys who like cum

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Do girls like cum? Where do girls like their man to cum?