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Once upon a time, only the wealthy and privileged could afford to have their portraits painted by a small, select circle of artists.

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With the advent of photography, parents of all backgrounds could have pictures of their children, which were coveted as documents of their development and a way to show off their innocent beauty and charm to family and friends. Today, with smartphones and social media, we all have in our hands the means to broadcast our pride and joy to the world. Ninety-two percent of American children have an online presence before the age of 2.

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Parents post nearly 1, images of their children online before their fifth birthday. And as we have seen in the recent abduction and murder of year-old Nicole Lovell of Blacksburg, Va. Lovell reportedly texted with one of her alleged killers, year-old David Eisenhauer, a Virginia Tech student, on Kik Messenger, an app known among kids as a place for the exchange of sexts and nude selfies.

Kids today are often accused of being narcissistic, but they may be learning their exhibitionist ways from their parents. Accompanying the boom in selfie culture is a rise in competitive spirit, as well as a disturbing trend of sexualization. And one of the easiest ways to get that validation is by looking hot. So it should come as no surprise that in this atmosphere, with the new technology available, sexting and sharing nudes have replaced other forms of intimacy.

Girls who post provocative pictures often suffer slut shaming kik sexting females and offline. Girls are more often targeted in cyberbullying attacks that focus on their sexuality. It was talking to girls themselves that brought me to the subject of social media and what sexualization is doing to their psyches.

How is it affecting their sense of self-worth?

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The tweens and teens I spoke to were often very troubled by the ways the culture of social media was exerting influence on their self-images and their relationships, with both friends and potential dating partners. They were often highly aware of the adverse effects of the sexualization on girls—but not always sure what to do about it. And the stakes for girls could not be higher. So why do some girls post sexualized pictures?

Inthis seemed like a dark revelation, a national scandal.

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In Boca Raton, Fla. I remarked to the girls how strange it seemed to see the mothers in the mall dressed so similarly to their daughters. The reluctance of baby boomers and Gen X-ers to grow old is not lost on girls. The second most popular procedure for women ages 40 to 54 in was breast augmentation.

The hypersexualization that has enveloped the lives of American girls seems to have also ensnared their moms. One factor in sexualization that is too often ignored is the rise of online porn. Studies have reported that American children start seeing online porn as young as 6, and a majority have watched it before they turn Some young feminists have argued that photos by girls in sexual poses are a valid expression of their sexuality.

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Social Media and Secret Lives of American Teenage Girls