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What's new New posts New profile posts. Log in. Search Everywhere Thre This forum This thread. Search titles only. Everywhere Thre This forum This thread. Search Advanced…. Install the app. Don't see a forum for your kink? Thread starter depp Start date Jan 9, Forums Kinks All Other Kinks. You are using an out of date browser. It may not display this or other websites correctly. You should upgrade or use an alternative browser. Staff member. Nov 20, 46 Think your kink deserves more than a dinky little thread? Tell us! If you have a kink that deserves a sub-forum in this section or in the front please reply with what the kink is and a few non-commercial links that explain it.

Kinks that seem like they are important and have a following will be added as trial forums in the "All Other Kinks" section. Should they prove popular here they will graduate kink com forum the front. Mar 21, 1 0 0. If you want to broaden it, add swapping, or just call it Poly.

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I don't think there's a real need for a forum for other stuff- there's plenty of places on here I can post about my cuckoldry for example. However, a board in which the mods can dump the 'dare me I didn't use GetDare because of it, and some of my very knowledgeable and experienced friends TensionRoom for example use the sites less and less as a result because of it.

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I've just ed and am picking my way through, but I do see their point and such a board may help this place be a serious source of advice and guidance. Lucie xoxo. Mar 8, 96 0 0. Consensual Blackmail it might be good to have a forum for this that offers advice and ideas. May 6, 78 0 6 North East UK www. I have to agree. The main kink com forum I'm not here often, and the reason I don't go on GetDare often, is the level of banality. Sorry Depp. I know how hard you work on this place.

Mar 30, 0 0. I agree with the requesting dares, dump area. It would be nice if those were just off to the side somewhere. Well put tension, that these ppl are just begging for dares that they already want or going to do anyways. Mar 25, 34 0 0.

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My kink is sex in old cemeteries and it's hard as heck to find a blog or thread on it! I'm not goth at all and most sites that r catered to my kink are all gothic! Sep 4, 1 Click to expand Jul 15, 1 0. New2This54 said:. My kink is blackmail. Will you make a blackmail forum? Memories for Life said:. Why did you quote the message instead of posting a new message? Your request for a blackmail "area" has nothing in common with the other poster's "cemetery sex" kink.

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I think that we would use a sub-forum for "Humiliation". This is not covered by the other forums I guess, and on the other hand it would cover things like cuckoldry etc. Jan 8, 1 0 0. I have read it Tastes very good too! I Dream! Jan 10, 11 0 0. Aug 31, 11 1 0. Reactions: dailandemon. Dec 10, 16 0 0. Games I feel games like truth or dare should be represented. Jan 9, 10 0 35 uk.

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SingerSwimmer said:. I feel games like truth or dare should be represented. Mar 12, 2 0 0 Clunes.

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Jan 12, 16 18 Midwest. Thank you. Aug 25, 29 4 3. Tampons A dome I had years ago didn't allow for cancellations just because she had her period. You must log in or register to reply here. Share: Share Link. Featured Thre P. Started by yoursforeverandalways Yesterday at PM Replies: 6. Request Dares or Tasks. Submissive Lounge. Me, you and your wife. New Personals. BDSM Personals. Online Play. Experienced Master looking for a submissive girl.

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