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I am having problems with way too many nymphs flying around my home. Any suggestions to cut the down when almost every square is full and all I can do is trade stuff around? As soon as I empty a square something is dropped on it. I've been having this issue as well.

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Put in a suggestion ticket is the best idea I have, because, in theory, if enough players raise the issue the will come up with a way to make it a lot better. Until they fix it, I'm just keeping a bunch of low rank things so I can combine them when I need room.

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For now, just avoid making space unless you need it for something, and don't expect said space to be open for more than 10 seconds. It'd be nice if we could limit what the nymphs could collect, but until then, the nymphs are going to be your greatest enemy.

Also, a suggestion to only collect from the highest level objects. This game is basically merge dragons.

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Its all about managment. There are times u just need to delete a bunch of items and focus of the item set your concentrated on merging at the said moment. I am slowly realizing that. But my math is way off when it comes to buying nymphs. And suggestions for Merge Nymphs. Posted by 1 year ago. Sort by: best. Continue this thread. More posts from the nutaku community. Dedicated to being a place of discussion for fans of all games hosted on the Nutaku game portal.

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