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As Owens was juggling a broadcasting career with her side hustle, finding the time to squeeze in a workout was proving to be a challenge. I couldn't keep up with those workouts and I hated being preached to about always finding the time to work out for two hours a day. It wasn't possible. I was getting up at 4am every day for a morning show and barely had the energy to do 30 minutes, a few days a week. I thought, maybe there's actually an idea here and I can show people that it is possible to work out effectively and have more balance. It dawned on me at one very specific moment post-workout class in the women's locker room.

We were all coming from work, sometimes still in makeup, and going out for drinks or meetings right after. We were simply freshening up post-class. It was the lightbulb moment I had been seeking for so long. We my best fitish help with a seamless transition from work, to gym, to social life.

Athletic beauty needed to be a thing. Why wasn't there a line of products geared towards this mentality? I knew I had to make something that was easy to use on-the-go and affordable. Disarm other women by revealing something super personal about yourself — embarrassing even. It immediately makes people feel at ease around you, and close.

Over 12 years of sharing my life, I revealed a lot about myself. Although Owens left morning radio to manage her business full-time, fans of her voice and candor can now catch her on Fitish: The Podcast, with former radio cohost J-Si, where they bring their passion for mental health awareness to the podcasting airwaves. Find out how she found the courage to pivot, how she found her purpose, and why keeping Fitish accessible is critical to her.

However, it was when only a few tinctures were on the market. I had been using it for anxiety and muscle soreness successfully. Then the farm bill passed and it was epic timing. I thought, if CBD can be this anti-inflammatory internally, I wonder what it could do topically. Eldor: I love that you pivoted from morning radio this past February, after nearly 12 years! So basically right before quarantine hit in March. How did this leap make you feel? I know there was fear, of course Owens: It's funny because in my retired-ish announcement as I jokingly referred to it on the show, I was candid my best fitish said I sat on the decision for a long time hoping to get that percent feeling of certainty.

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The reality is I don't think any career leap is going to be easy or certain. It feels more like a cliff dive! I ended up with a 75 percent certainty, 60 percent on some days. Regardless, I felt it was important to follow my instinct. You can't get to second base with one foot still on first.

I still wake up in the middle of the night racked with entrepreneur anxiety, but I do not regret the decision at all. How would I know what Fitish could be without taking that leap? My best fitish I love the art of the pivot when it comes to women changing career lanes. What advice do you have for other women looking to do the same? Owens: We all make time for the things we want to do. I hear so often from women that want to start a side hustle, that they don't have time. It's not easy to find the time, but if you want it bad enough you can do it.

You don't have to go all-in at once and quit your job. The hard part is starting and then straddling both. Days where you get run ragged from having to do both, the job that pays the bills and your passion can make you question if the side hustle is even worth it. Fear is really the biggest enemy here. The "what ifs" that haunt you.

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Once you decide you are okay with failing and you don't want to live thinking, what if I had tried that? Owens: I think as a business owner, it's vital to know your customer. Especially when the business is built around D2C. I knew my radio audience and what they were looking for, and what they wouldn't want to spend.

I don't relate to the super unaffordable luxury market because I'm not that. Thinking about the situation we are going through, the luxury market feels even more unrelatable. Eldor: What was the first big moment for Fitish beauty, when you knew you were going in the right direction?

I woke up for the show one morning and had been inundated with emotional messages from women about what Tone Down alleviated for them. One woman wrote about her mom using it on her severe burns from radiation treatment for breast cancer, and how much they subsided overnight. I suddenly realized that this had another level of purpose and potential that I never could have anticipated.

I was in the business of healing. It was also the moment, in hindsight, I knew I had found my purpose. Owens: Working on scaling. What an immense challenge in terms of business but also exciting! We are launching in another national retailer soon and have 10 new SKUs set to launch this year alone. I can reveal Fitish Pet is one area I'm particularly excited about. CBD has made a hugely positive impact in our pets' lives and as an animal lover, I fervently believe in the pet market.

We also have some more elevated dermatological clean beauty items coming, including a dry shampoo. Chill packets for on-the-go relaxing are also dropping soonish. Eldor: While Fitish is scaling and you are growing more and more as a skincare entrepreneur, I love that relatability remains a priority for you.

Owens: I prefer the candidness of what life is really like, not the perceived perfection. By pulling back the curtain on my own struggles, I organically and unintentionally created a community of supporters who were excited to follow along on my business endeavor as a result. I also show my best fitish what we are working on, and potential fails or disasters. The struggle is far more interesting than the success. I'm the host of the Share Of Voice podcast, which is my best fitish the power of discovering your voice and sharing your truth in the process.

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