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As beauty trends have gradually become more inclusive — with makeup offered in more natural shades than ever before and bras made available in an expanding of custom sizes — women are also giving themselves more leeway when it comes to personal grooming. Body hair has been embraced by celebrities who speak proudly of their unshaven underarms and influencers natural hairy women post unapologetically about their visible leg hair.

Photographer Ashley Armitage has made body hair one of the focuses of her Instagramwhich includes portraits of feminine women combing their wispy underarm locks. Her interest began more than five years ago, when she noticed her friends were letting the hair on their armpits and legs grow.

It made her question her own hair-removal habits. Armitage, 25, started to share imagery among friends that she thought was missing in the media: photos she took of women she knew with armpit fuzz, happy trails and unshaven bikini lines. A photo of the latter subject went viral a few years ago.

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Online, trolls attacked the image, and Armitage. It may sound extreme, but women who have had their body hair visible in photos on the internet are all too familiar with trolls yelling from a computer that they ought to shave. Actress Lola Kirke "Mozart in the Jungle" wrote on Instagram that she, too, got "death threats" after having "awesome" hairy armpits on the Golden Globes red carpet.

For Armitage, the negative reaction was outshined by fans commending the photographer for giving confident, hairy women more visibility. Almost overnight, she went from having a few hundred Instagram followers to garnering 10, Today, she hasfollowers and a mission to push for more body hair visibility. There are certainly still negative commenters, but the angry cohort of mostly men outraged at the sight of female body hair below the neck has quieted some and "now I see body hair on Instagram pretty regularly," Armitage says.

For some reason this photo always seems to gross some people out. That shows me that there is still a fight to be fought, and that we still have a ways to go. She posed for the magazine in a black bralette with her dark armpit hair on display. For me, body hair is another opportunity for women to exercise their ability to choose — a choice based on how they want to feel and their natural hairy women with having or not having body hair," she wrote.

Actress Amandla Stenberg, YouTube personality Ingrid Nilsen and musician Maggie Rogers have also talked about body hair and delighted in growing out their own.

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The famous females aren't alone: A growing of women are relying less on razors these days. Body haircare company Fur Oil saw revenue grow three times per year since starting in Razor company Gillette has clearly taken a hit. The brand is known for its pro-body hair message. Counterintuitive, no? The models aren't frolicking like the white-swimsuit-clad women in the Venus of yesteryear. They are boldly standing on the sand, sitting spread-eagle on chairs and lying on floats, with some hair peeking out from their bikini bottoms and underarms.

It's more about women's desire to feel in control of their own grooming habits and definitions of beauty.

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Nilsen puts her thoughts on body hair this way in a video about not shaving: "Now when I look down in the shower, instead of being grossed out by my body hair Facebook Twitter. Why women are growing out their body hair and what razor companies are doing about it. Show Caption. Hide Caption.

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Women are ditching the razor and not shaving their body hair. Razor companies are pivoting their strategy as more women are opting to let their body hair grow out. View this post on Instagram. Share your feedback to help improve our site!

Natural hairy women

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