Navel fetish

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Navel fetishism, belly button fetishism, or alvinophilia is a partialism in which an individual is attracted to the human navel. According to a study, it is a moderately prevalent fetish among individuals. Init was the second most popular fetish search on Google as per their global monthly averages.

A navel fetishist can be sexually aroused by a variety of stimuli, including key words, thoughts or specific forms of physical interaction with the navel. Some navel fetishists find physical acts involving the navel to be turn-ons.

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Physical acts can include licking the navel with the tongue or rubbing body lotion or suntan oil. Navel fetish fetishists get a turn-on from pouring drops of champagne, honey, chocolate sauce, whipped cream, etc. Similarly, licking or rolling the tongue into the navel while underwater can produce erotic sensations.

An ice cube when rubbed over or rested over the navel can produce erotic sensations. The navel is an erogenous zone with a heightened sensitivity. The navel and the region below when touched by the finger or the tip of the tongue result in the production of erotic sensations, and some people are very ticklish to touch in that area. Fingering the navel is also a common act. Some prefer to perform navel torture, a series of pain-inflicting acts such as sucking or pulling the navel out often with a syringedripping hot oil or wax into the navel, poking pins into the navel, and stabbing the navel.

A sex worker in Turkey stated that some men have attempted to have sexual intercourse by inserting their penis navel fetish her navel. Some navel fetishists can be aroused by viewing a navel. In the case of a heterosexual man, women in bikini is one such example. Also women dressed in low-rise clothing like jeans, shorts etc.

This is the reason why its exposure is always in fashion. Women have flashed it through the ages because men are turned on by it. Videos featuring above said physical acts are very common and are viewed worldwide. Their popularity has become more compared to regular porn videos. Fetish model Wonderhussy stated in her blog that she had performed in belly button fetish videos in which she laid back and played with her belly button, poking her finger in it and stretching it out.

Other models such as Elan kane, Indica etc. Belly dancers often have navel piercings or insert sequins into their navels to make it look attractive when they perform. Not only them, many young everyday women also have them to add a charm to their navel fetish. Such decorations also arouse when seen. Sometimes just the thought of the navel is enough to stimulate. The Samoan tribe people find the sight of the navel sexually arousing. Sometimes literary works focusing on navels or which sexually symbolize navels can also act as stimuli to navel fetishists. In the Song of Songs, a book in the Hebrew Bible, there are allusions to exotic things in nature, with frequent interweaving of nature with erotic imagery.

Czech-born writer Milan Kundera in his book The Festival of Inificance conveys about the eroticism of exposed female navels. Alain, one of the characters in the book, observes to his friend how most of the young women in Paris wear T-shirts or blouses that expose their midriffs, displaying their navels for all to see.

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The navel has become, in effect, the new locus of desire. Robert W. So dear ladies, recognise The dimpling of your waist Has approval in my eyes,Favour in my taste……How a rosebud navel would Be sweet to kiss! Navel fetishism often co-exists with stomach fetishism or alvinolagnia. Navel fetishism may co-exist with sadomasochism since some navel fetishists prefer to perform or receive navel torture. Some prefer to engage in physical intercourse, which is commonly linked to weight-related stomach fetishes like BBW, feederism, and belly expansion.

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During the late nineties, there was a small but thriving online group of belly button fetish sites. These sites were maintained by individuals and usually hosted on third-party forum sites like ProBoards or InsideTheWeb.

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Each forum catered to a unique variation on the fetish, but were mostly the same in that they had individual boards for celebrity photos, candids, erotica, and personal stories. As the internet outgrew forums in favor of social networks and corporate porn sites, these sites began shutting down one by one.

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Navel fetish

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