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My 19 year old sister, Chelsea, is in college and does nude modeling on the side to pay for her tuition, i hacked into her FB and found this photo in on of the secret photography groups she belongs to, now i seriously want to just fuck the hell out of her.

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Those memories and the pictures I have of her still get nude group raging hard, all of these years later. Before you ask, I don't have nudes - just some playful pics I took and saved. But I have the stories We started hanging out October our Freshman year in college, years ago now. I'd seen her around the dorm and thought she was hot and finally got a chance to talk to her one night when we were both the DD's for our groups of friends.

We went to a frat party and were both hungover from the night before, so we decided not to drink. We hit it off immediately. The chemistry was insane - electric. We went back to the dorm that night and made out on my futon. I remember my cock being so hard, and her reacting to the touch of it through my pants as she got on top of me and started to grind on it. I was super innocent at the time and had no clue what to do, and she was definitely more experienced than I was.

She let me grab her ass as she continued to grind, and I remember grabbing her tits through her shirt at first nude group noticing how firm they were. A perfect handful of athletic tightness. She'd been a cheerleader and that fitness level hadn't left her yet. I was throbbing hard as we made out and felt her up through her shirt, over her bra at first, peeling it down a little and grazing her bare skin. I could feel her nipples through the fabric poking through and it was driving me crazy. I honestly didn't know what I was doing, but I loved it.

She was electric.

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We kept making out that night, and I didn't make a move. I didn't even know what the fuck blue balls were at this point, and towards the end of the night, I had the worst case I've still had to date. I excused myself to the dorm bathroom down the hall, tucked my hard cock up into my waistband and went into a stall.

Left nude group in my room like a dumbass and blew what nude group the hardest load I'd ever shot at that point in my life into the dorm toilet, lol. Just pumped cum all over the place and nearly fell over. It felt so good and I remember thinking at that moment that I was going to really get somewhere with a girl. I knew that I was going to have her.

I confess that I am here because I'm am confused about my sexuality and have had some pretty un-normal life experiences. My friend said I should come here and share and ask for advise from other like minded people. I am not ready to share my whole experience yet but I do want to say that I am newly bi. Since I get asked, I do enjoy looking at girls but I also like I normals stuff as well involving guys.

I am embarrassed to see my body react the way it does to some of the things in this site and it is making me discover that there is so much more out there. I'm posting because I am wanting to introduce myself to the community here. I've already gotten a few kinda extreme interactions so I'm trying not to feel overwhelmed. Please be patient. Also I will try to post a photo eventually but plwase don't ask for nudes, I am not ready nor do I think I will to share myself at that level.

Ever hear about an old movie called The Naked Prey? In the film, a white hunter is pursued by an army of tribal warriors. I'd love to see that movie remade, but instead of black males pursuing the white guy, I'd like the pursuers to be a group of women, preferably black, either nude or nude group topless. The action would take place outdoors, and the hunter would eliminate the girls one or two at a time, strangling some, drowning others.

Are there any films like that? Loss of bestiality got you down? Seems obvious in all the thre. I was never into it but I feel for you all. There are definitely small group of moralfag lobbyists with money influencing our political money whores. All I can say is I was wrong.

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Then total outrage. Then the moralfags will show their hypocritical natures, by allowing televised child fashion shows and beauty contests, sexy Halloween costumes, nude group sexual situations on young teen TV programs. Sherry is a 26 year old woman, kind of plain, and chubby. She works at a Dinner, she has not had many dates as most see her and just pass her by. She is one of those that are here but no one pays munch attention to. So When Jim started to talk to her, and come to her table at the dinner, she was delighted, he had even asked her to movies, and out to dinner, she grew to trust jim.

Little did she know that jim had planes for her. They had not gotten romantic yet other than some petting and kissing, she hoped that they would have sex at some time soon, but it just did not seem to be the right time. She did enjoy when jim played with her breast, making her nipples hard. The nude group stretched on, and near the end of August, jim told her about a beach party that he and his fraternity held each year at the lake. He told her there would be food, drink, some wild partying and a bonfire to finish off the weekend.

He thought to himself that she is perfect for there party. Sherry told jim yes she would love to go, and she had not met any of his fraternity brothers or there girls.

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She decided to go to the mall and get new outfit for the party. The weekend came and jim picked up Sherry, and let her know she was looking so good in her new outfit, they were getting to the lake for the last day of the gathering, he explained to sherry that every one brought a donation to the bonfire, she assumed nude group was in the trunk, they drove, for hours, and finely got to the gathering, it was still early, and she enjoyed drink and food, the other girls there commented on her shorts and blouse, Sherry was so nude group, she had never had so munch attention paid to her.

As it got near sunset, the group started to pile bundles around a stake, for the bonfire, all the men and women there built up the pyre, Sherry looked at jim, and asked what was he going to pile on, he looked at her and said You! It took a moment for it to sink in, then she said, what you mean ME? He told her that he was going to put her on the pyre, and that she was going to be this years offering, he explaned to her that each year they burn a woman as a offering for a good year to come.

About than, four men, grabed her, and took her to the pyre, as she kicked and struggled, she was taken up, to the top, and her hands clasped into hand cuffs, she was than left to stand, no other bindings. The group gathered, at the pyre, Sherry seen two cameras set up,one was already filming, as it caught her being taken to the pyre. She struggled and begged to be freed, she was sweeting, and having trouble controlling her breathing as she was nude group seen Jim, and begged him to not hurt her, she offered all that she had, including herself to not be burned to death.

He just smiled and she seen him toss her over night bag, and purse on the pyer, jim saying you wont need this any longer. She was standing there, watching them light the torches to be used to light the pyre, jim was watching her, as she wet her self, soaking her shorts, and streams of pee running down her legs. He smiled at her fear. Jim asked her if she was ready to die, she screamed NO! GOD NO!! The flames spread around the pyre, and started to rise toward her, she stomped her feet, at the burning bundles, She screamed as the flames were wrapping around her shoes, and lapping at her cafes.

Her screams became intense with the unbearable pain. Her begging to be freed was ignored. Her shorts had dried and now turned brown and ignited, burning her sex, the sex she had hoped to have was sex with the fire. She banged her head on the post as the flames climbed her body, burning away the shorts and blouse leaving her near nude, her body sweating and seeping fat ,her sweet and fat from her skin was dripping into the flames creating flare ups, her breast now burning, the screaming changes to a mumble than nothing, as her blonde hair erupts as her head falls forward.

The group all thank Jim for the offering, as the fire finishes sherry. Jim turns to the camera men, asks if they got all the shots, both men smiled, as jim told them he already had a buyer for the film, and it would finance the group for the year, Sherry had no idea she had been chosen to be a sacrifice and the main event for a snuff film.

The legality of nude beaches in Australia can get complicated nude group times. There are conflicting federal, nude group and locals laws. There are four legal nude beaches in the state of Victoria, but there are several that are not legal.

At some beaches you can get arrested for going topless. And at other beaches you can be as nude as you want as long as no one complains. Yes it is. My roomies and I have become well known at the four legal nude beaches. I made a lot of money for my escapade selling photo sets of nude blokes to an American gay magazine. I split the money with my roomie Kelli. She was a huge help.

I guess my photos must have made an impact in the American gay community because I have another contract for more photos sets and videos of Aussie blokes. Perish the thought if a bloke found out he was in a gay magazine. I would fear for my life. That is one reason I insist on ed releases and requiring that the subjects of my photos and videos accept compensation money for their services. Okay, the beach we picked was about 60 km away. Some do-gooder will complain and try to shut it down. We arrived around noon. This was a Tuesday and the beach was crowded due to spring break.

It was a young crowd and there were hard bodies from both sexes all over the beach. The farther we walked, the more people were naked. After about 15 minutes Kelli and I got naked and our suits went into our beach bag. It started out to be a pretty good day. We found two good looking blokes right away that accepted the money and I shot a series of about of each of them. We then continued down the beach. He were turning when they saw two nude blondes walk by. We kind of enjoyed it. Actually we loved the attention.

With all the attention we were getting, we felt like Grand Marshals in a parade.

Nude group

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