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I recently set up a snapchat, as I kept having people ask me for it mostly here on redditbut I kind of just want to only give access to paying fans? Is this too stingy.? So I feel uncomfortable just giving out to random strangers who aren't paying for it. Thanks for any help! I made a snap and was only giving it out to paying subs at first.

Then I realized it was a missed opportunity. Onlyfans snapchat of ppl will follow me on snap and never move up to a paid sub. But I have had ppl eventually sub bc they see I post a daily selfie on my story, and often will reply to it and exchange a few words with me. Thank you for the advice! It sounds like using it for promotion is the way to go! I let anyone add me on snap. Those who are fans get access to my private snap story.

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Tons more content. One person told me he onlyfans snapchat to me because my sub includes free private snap. So I'm gonna keep doing this! Why on earth is that stingy? That is completely the wrong mentality to have. If you want to get paid for your time and effort, get paid. You owe people absolutely nothing for free and anyone who claims something different THAT'S stingy. I don't know how would you give it to only paying customers. Like i get it if you give it to paying OF subs, but how about when someone doesn't re-subscribe to your OF next month?

You need to manually delete those from your snapchat and keep track who is paying still and whos not. Seems like a hard work. Personally, I have added 'access my Snapchat for life!

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I add to my story daily sexual content if I can, sometimes just an update on my day and will chat with names that I recognise and like. There is no time limit on opening someone's snap so don't feel guilty if you cant reply until the next day. Be a lil stingy! You deserve it. You can always have two separate snapchats, one premium onlyfans snapchat one for promoting. Snapchat will frequently shut down your though, especially one that is public. I used to have a snapchat for promoting, it was an utter waste of time.

I had about a thousand friends on it, and not one ended up as a paying sub. They would just bombard me all day with demands for free nudes, and if I took a while to reply which you can understand or said no, I got a barrage of hate about being a seller. I sold my snapchat when I started using the camera the price was tokens per month, in it I only put sexy things but now I don't use it anymore, it wasn't worth it, even so there are girls who earn a lot of money with snapchat, I just decided to focus on others Onlyfans snapchat.

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Then I can also charge on OF for them to be put into that group, if I feel like it. Using snapchat. I need advice. Posted by Unverified. Sort by: best.

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Wow this was so helpful!! Thank you. Oh thank you! Continue this thread. More posts from the onlyfansadvice community.

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Onlyfans snapchat

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