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Daily Missions, as their names would suggest, reset on a daily basis and are cleared based on what the player does for that day. Daily missions in PeroPero Seduction Labeled as "Common" provide a consistent source of Gacha Tickets for gacha use peropero suduction, Wild Cards for leveling cards obtainedand Pero miscellaneous currency. Mission objectives vary from teasing other players to rolling triple icons during Exploration Mode. Daily missions reset at pm Pacific Standard Time, and daily missions active during that time are cancelled and reset, forcing the player to reactivate them.

Completing and redeeming the mission unlocks the same mission of the next tier and so on until all peropero suduction have been completed. Higher tier missions generally offer more valuable rewards, offering players the choice to focus on a specific mission type when unable to complete all the missions at all tiers. Daily mission completion does not carry over from one tier to the next you cannot spend stamina in one sitting and then try to complete Tier 1, 2, peropero suduction 3 of stamina use all at once.

Upon completion of each mission, players should redeem completed daily missions and activate new ones as they go. Some daily missions, such as tease missions, are easy and as fast as a player can click on friends and throw cream pies. Others, such as rolling Triple Pero or obtaining an SR Card, may take more time and a constant stream of exploration stamina along with some general luck. Ultimately, completion of most missions depend heavily on the amount of stamina the player is willing and able to spend during the 24 hour period. Other factors that can assist with the completion of these missions include leaving the Exploration Mode storyline unfinished so that instead of the 10 stamina cost Bonus Area, a player can use a lower-cost storyline exploration in anticipation of more rolls at a given moment.

Most players are unable to finish all the daily missions provided in a single day without the use of additional items ie. In the event you are unable to finish all the missions provided, it may be advisable to prioritize certain missions over others, often depending on what rewards these missions give or the difficulty or lack thereof of the missions available. This activates Chance Time, where you have the opportunity to obtain a new girl card or level up an existing one. Pseudo-Streaks automatically lead to Chance Time, so they also contribute towards this mission.

Peropero suduction forms of Gacha, however, do not. This mission is desired, if not prioritized, by most players for the R Gacha Ticket rewarded by the Tier 3 mission. Also, Triple Chance has been observed to be quite common compared to other roll types, making it an easier mission to clear than others that are dependent on Exploration Peropero suduction. This multiplies the amount of Pero you would normally earn from the roll by x For the rewards this mission gives, it is recommended for players to instead pursue the Triple Exp daily mission which offers the same rewards, as Triple Exp rolls are fairly more common than Triple Pero.

This multiplies the amount of Experience you would normally earn from the roll by x2. As mentioned above, this roll is the more common and more desirable alternative to the Triple Pero daily missions. However, keep in mind that even though Triple Exp rolls are more frequent, they are still uncommon and will take quite a few rolls to complete.

This allows you to send a gift, generally a N Wild Card, off to another player, usually a friend. The gift recipient, upon accepting the gift, will send one back to you, giving you a N Wild Card as well. Triple Gift rolls are comparable in frequency to Peropero suduction Chance.

Thus, the missions should be easy to complete but they only offer Pero rewards, so players pursuing other items may place low priority in these ones. This daily mission is one of the easier missions to complete, as likely players will complete all 3 tiers while simply trying to complete other roll-based missions. This daily mission applies towards all girl cards obtained, including ones from Gacha use, and Event rewards, Chance Time, and Kurito's Nest.

Using Wild Cards to level up cards you have obtained, however, does not count. While Tier 1 and 2 will generally be cleared in the course of trying to complete Triple Chance daily missions, Tier 3 and 4 may prove difficult, as SR draws are rarely present much less obtainable from non-paying methods to obtain cards such as Chance Time and N Gachas. To ease the completion of the later tiers of this mission, it is recommended for paying players and item hoarders to save and use SR Guaranteed Gacha Tickets in tandem with Card Reveal items, which will activate a card draw guaranteeing one SR card and subsequently showing where it is in the draw.

Teasing involves throwing a cream pie more like a cream ball at a player's lead girl card, plastering it with cream for all players to see until that player "[c]licks" it off. The act of throwing a cream pie, as well as the act of cleaning it off the card, rewards a small amount of Pero for both the player who throws the pie as well as the player who cleans it.

There is an unseen hour timer that is applied to each player you tease. Even if the daily mission has been reset, if you tease a player who has already been teased by you less than 24 hours ago, that player will not count towards the daily mission as a "different person". Teasing is not limited to friends alone, and you can tease virtually any player you are able to view the Peropero Seduction profile of. This limits players you can view and with it players you can tease to:.

Use this system to bypass the "Different People" requirement of the daily mission if you lack the friends to meet the mission requirements. As such, you can only do 1 of these missions once. As of the moment, there are no missions that raise this count further. This wiki. This wiki All wikis. In Don't have an ? Start a Wiki. Content Add category. Cancel Save. Universal Conquest Wiki.

Peropero suduction

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