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I guess I'm writing this more to get my thoughts straight than to ask for any advice. Feedback would be appreciated if you have something to say, though. So I'm a bit of a socially awkward guy, especially when it comes to relationships.

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It doesn't help that I have a couple of very common, yet awkward, fetishes. I haven't been in a relationship in a few years, and I was feeling pretty shitty about it since I've been on spring break at home this week. Three days ago I decided to buy an online GFE girlfriend experience. It can involve Kik chats, more intense Kik chats, Skype shows, etc. Mine was mainly for Kik chats, pics, and videos. Yes, I reddit gfe this is pathetic, and I'm going to get to that in a bit. Shortly after we started talking over Kik, I noticed that my "girlfriend" was seeming to be pretty unresponsive.

There would be about two messages sent between her and me mine being the last one, usually asking her somethingand there would be a huge break like 5 hours before she would respond. Sometimes the message would show up as just "delivered", but other times it would show up as "received," meaning that she opened our conversation on Kik and saw it, and then didn't reply.

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Her "ad" on reddit claimed that there would be 10 pics each day. I've gotten one picture from her after three days, and it was of her boobs which I've specifically mentioned to her that boobs in general have zero effect on me whatsoever due to stupid brain stuff.

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Now, I already know that it's really pathetic and stupid to buy a GFE. It also doesn't help that she's probably doing this with like 8 other guys at the same time, and she seems to be perfectly fine with constantly posting to reddit while not responding to me. I don't know, maybe this is overreacting, but reddit gfe not like I pester her or anything. If we've been talking for a few minutes and she doesn't respond after I ask her something, I usually just send one extra message after about half an hour to an hour or so, just to see if it'll remind her that I'm here or something.

Is that not okay? I'm not sure. I don't know, I'm not really asking for any specific advice here. Just trying to get my thoughts straight and rationalize myself, I guess. Thanks for reading, if you did. In addition, she barely ever responds to me at all, to the point of a sort of false advertising, which drives the point home even more.

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Simple as that. The only question here is whether you've got the guts to do that and pursue it :p. How was it paid? I doubt you would get your money back from Paypal, but it is a bit of a "fuck you too" move to her and may hold up her for a bit while they are arbitrating takes ages to do. Unfortunately, Reddit gfe chose the one method of payments that makes chargebacks literally impossible, Bitcoin. However, I don't want to make any rash decisions like that before I talk to her first and see what's been going on. First of all, I don't think any less of you as a man or even as a human being for buying a GFE.

Whatever floats your boat man. But this girl is definitely not holding up her end of the bargain. She promised a service and isn't delivering. I don't want to encourage the use of GFE but if you choose to go this route again, exercise more caution before doing business with one. Make sure they are trustworthy and have good reviews. Well, I guess at this point you know that people who advertise as a sort of emotional prostitute reddit gfe unlikely to work out for you, so you can explore other options.

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What are your fetishes? Are there kink clubs for them in your area? What do you do outside of university studying that could put you in touch with people who won't need money to like you? Honestly, my options are pretty limited in Indiana.

I don't think there's much I could do outside of school, and in-school I'd probably just need to get out more and talk to reddit gfe girls in general. The first thing you did wrong was picked this up from reddit. Like, that makes it seem like even more of a scam than I would normally think. You're right, she IS probably doing it with a few other guys at the same time. That's what makes it worse than doing something like getting an escort, at least you'll be the only guy there for the date and yes I mean escort, in the truer sense, not the hooker sense.

Naturally, since she's got multiple guys going at once, she's going to gravitate to the one s she's more attracted to or feels a deeper connection with, or thinks she can con more money out of. She's honestly probably a girl with some self image and self confidence issues who is trying to use her body to make a quick buck and a self esteem boost. I'm sorry you're out the mo ey, but take it as a lesson to learn. You're young. Too reddit gfe to be buying a girlfriend.

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