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Those are the rules. Or, just skip a few paragraphs until I get to actually talking about Sakura Clicker. I have to cover the basics, and the truth is Cookie Clicker invented this genre, and everyone else who came after has pretty much been coasting on their success.

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To be fair, Cookie Clicker was the first serious game in this genre, but not the first overall. The very first was called Cow Clicker, and it was made as a joke. In that sense, clicker games are a lot like porn games in general. I mean, the point of a porn game in which you build up a harem is to get points to get more girls for your harem. Rinse and repeat.

You can, however, jack off to naked hentai babes who are screaming obscenities at you, while you click on them for hours on end. The general idea behind Sakura Clicker is that you unlock hentai babes that serve as your fighters. You use them to win fights against other hentai babes, and then you use the coins that this unlocked to get even more hentai babes. The cycle repeats itself. This is not a fighting game or an RPG. The girls do very little besides stand down the middle of your screen, screaming pleasure moans at you.

You see, this is a game in which you are encouraged to click on hentai babes as quickly as possible, sakura games nudity much as possible. Except, every time you click them, they scream out in pleasure moans. It gets old quick. The grandma would make cookies passively, forever. That game was basically a grandma purgatory.

Since you could purchase thousands of them, I would assume that those are not all your grandmas, but the collective grandmas of other people that have died and gotten stuck in this phase between life and heaven. You get a similar spiel with Sakura Clicker, except instead of purchasing grandmothers, you upgrade the chicks you already own. The general idea is that once you unlock a girl, she starts making money for you by beating up other girls for you, passively. You are stronger by default. That is, your mouse-clicking finger is stronger by default.

You need passive combat income. You get yourself money by beating up hentai babes; then you use that money to upgrade the chicks you already own. They, in turn, do the clicking for you, far better than you ever could, and the cycle repeats itself over and over, for eternity.

The fun never stops. This game is available on Steam, and I always love reviewing games on that platform because I can see what other people have to say. Like, for instance, how the game has changed across updates. Let me explain what I mean. In these kinds of incremental games, every single upgrade like a new bitch or an unlocked item is supposed to guarantee you an increase in productivity. You get more money the more you click, basically.

However, no single game can define the amount by which your productivity increments. The diehard fans of this game are certain that the game was quite fair before until one ill-fated patch squashed the linear progression so low that the game now feels unfair and punishing. None of this shit makes any sense to me. It boggles my mind. Anyways, to fix this game and take it from a zero to a ten really quickly, find the nude patch in the Steam discussions and plop sakura games nudity into your game folder.

I genuinely do not know why you would even attempt to play this thing without the nude patch. Get the nude mod, and do yourself a favor. It literally makes the game playable in my book. If they were charging for this game on Steam, we would be having a very different conversation right now. Charging for a pastime of this scope is kind of unfair. It would be an absolute travesty if they tried to get you to pay money for this shit. But alas, this game is completely free, so here I am, recommending it to you.

Sakura games nudity mean, sure, you could just play AdVenture Capitalist, like a nerd, or you could play roughly the exact same fucking game, but with tits in it. Get your hands on Sakura Clicker. S pornova. Sakura Clicker S pornova. Tons of Titties The general idea behind Sakura Clicker is that you unlock hentai babes that serve as your fighters. Bad Reviews This game is available on Steam, and I always love reviewing games on that platform because I can see what other people have to say.

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Sakura games nudity

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