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By Brooke RuthJade Hindmon.

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The Torrey Pines Gliderport is above the cliffs and hang-gliders can be seen soaring above, while But, how did Black's become a nude beach? The Torrey Pines Gliderport is above the cliffs and hang gliders can be seen soaring above.

The official name of Black's Beach is Torrey Pines beach, but locals still call it Black's Beach, after William Black who owned a home above the beach. We visited longtime La Jolla resident Carol Olten, who has been the historian at the La Jolla Historical Society for the past 16 years, to get an answer to Bates' question.

The neighboring UC San Diego campus was relatively new and there was a lot of liberal thought on the campus.

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It was also the end of the counterculture movement. Following hours of testimony, the council voted 5 to 2 to make Black's Beach a clothing-optional beach while prohibiting nudity at all other city beaches.

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It was that it was a nude beach that was very, very difficult to get to. And you had to go down a very severe cliff to get there. There was no really good public access. So people parked in this wealthy neighborhood around La Jolla Farms Road.

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And of course when thousands and thousands were turning up on a single day, it became a nuisance with trash and people parking cars and being noisy," Olten said. In September ofSan Diegans went to the ballot box to weigh in on Proposition D, which asked if it should be illegal to be san diego nudes at all public beaches in the city. The majority of voters said yes and nudity was banned on city beaches. So even today I mean people go down there and it's a nude beach," Olten said. Half of Black's Beach is owned by the city, while the other half is owned by the state.

We understand the historical use of this remote area. Due to limited resources, state park peace officers patrol the beach on an as-needed basis. Our officers use their discretion and respond to the highest priority calls — public safety and health issues.

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San diego nudes

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Curious San Diego: How Did Black’s Beach Become A Nude Beach?