Serious buyers only

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Log in. Jump to Latest Follow. ed Nov 23, Serious inquiries only. No tire kickers. Serious offers only.

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Or I may not be serious until I see the car. Is it not reasonable to ask lots of questions, ask for pictures, maintenance history, and even test drive the car? Now, given that the car in question here is used, is it not reasonable for the car to be looked at and test driven at least the same of times? Maybe more, since the used car has a maintenance history, possible accidents, and likely no warranty. But they are selling something very expensive. What do you think? ed Serious buyers only 11, Serious buyer, to me, is someone who has serious intentions of buying a car of the same or similer specification that the seller is offering for sale.

If I want to drive an S4 just to say that I have, so I go "shopping" for S4's and bothering owners for a test drive. I am not a serious buyer. If I am looking to buy an S4 within a reasonable amount of time, then I am serious buyer. To be a serious buyer is not to walk into a deal blind, but to WANT to make a deal in the first place. Modified by tackered at AM ed Oct 9, Re: tackered I know I strive to keep my cars in good condition and clean, especially when I want to sell it Too many people waste sellers' time just so they can get a 'test drive'.

They have neither the finances nor the intention of buying the vehicle. I am very busy. I don't mind showing the car but I don't want to be jerked around either. ed Dec 20, Re: tackered A serious buyer is a buyer with the funds necessary to purchase the car, or a preapproval for the loan in place or They are qualified financially.

ed Jan serious buyers only, Re: "Serious buyers only. But I guess we're splitting hairs here, and the points have been made. ed Mar 31, Tornado2dr The old "if you like the car would you be able to place a sizeable non-refundable deposit today? When they say, umm no, you know not to make that appointment and you regain that time with your family! How about merely the first contact by phone or requesting more details maint history, accidents, colors, mileage etc. It is pretty absurd for someone in this day and age to advertise a car on the internet, with a worldwide audience, and either fail to post pictures of the car or at least be willing to send them to every inquirer.

If you advertise to the world, you'd better be ready at least to send pix.

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Serious buyers only I don't mean useless pix like this:. Anyone agree? ed May 16, Frown underneath your Ray Ban Pilot-rays. Wear string-backed driving gloves. ed Feb 12, If there was a new S4 on eBay that I was curious about, I personally would just be interested, and not a serious buyer at this time. ed Oct 24, Whether that's dealer or private seller. If you don't want to allow test drives say "No test drives" or "No test pilots" When I read serious buyers only I'm thinking screw you. ed Aug 3, Especially if all you are interested in is a test drive. Its one thing to do that at a dealer, but totally wasting a guys time by doing it in a private sale is just bad form.

Or, don't go look at a car, take lots of time, drive it, then give a stupid unreasonable offer. If a car says "27, obo", that does serious buyers only mean you can go waste the guys time only to offer like 7k. It happens. Also you'd be amazed how many deadbeat loonies out there will come and "seriously" look at a car under the illusion that they have bags of money, agree to a price, wait 3 weeks "for the bank", then suddenly realize that they are a deadbeat and cancel the deal.

I just had an experience like that. First car sale, I should know better than to take anyones word for anything in this day and age. ed Nov 29, ed Jun 12, Rattlesnake usually its bs but id put it as i dont want some tire kicker coming in trying to say well the sun hit the windows thus lowering the value i knwo your askinf but ill give you cash right now.

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Recommended Communities. Volkswagen Passat Forum. Bimmerfest BMW. Chevy Silverado EV Forum. now to ask and comment! It means "you better know how much my car is worth and have the cash ready to buy my car so don't waste my time by coming to check the car out and then lowball me".

Your car is only worth what someone is welling to pay you The old "if you like the car would you be able to place a sizeable non-refundable deposit today? No telling jokes during test drives. It means the person posting the ad is a loser.

Serious buyers only

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How to identify between serious and non-serious buyers?