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Summary "From the fiery intellectual provocateur: a brilliant essay collection that both celebrates and challenges modern feminism--from motherhood to Madonna, football to Friedan, stilettos to Steinem. When Camille Paglia first burst onto the scene with her best-selling Sexual Personae, she established herself as a smart, fearless, and often dissenting voice among feminists. Now, for the first time, her best essays on the subject are gathered together in one concise volume.

Whether she's declaring Madonna the future of feminism, asking if men are obsolete, calling for equal opportunity for American women years before the founding of N. The rock-solid intellectual foundation beneath her fiery words assures her timeless relevance" Details Marc Record.

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DLC b. DLC d. OCLCO d. OCLCF d. OCLCQ d. TEFOD d. The rock-solid intellectual foundation beneath her fiery words assures her timeless relevance"-- c.

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