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A lot of people have written about their fears of someone circulating their photos, or even having someone take a screenshot off Snapchat and sending it out.

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If this has actually happened to you, please tell us what happened and how it affected you. I used to have serious misgivings about sexting because of the risks involved, but I started doing it about six months ago. TLDR: I sext because it's fun and empowering. The warnings about sexting mainly directed toward women center around the worst-case scenario--your nudes being posted publicly, like on a revenge porn site. This is presented as something that will follow you for the rest of your life and haunt your career and future relationships.

I don't think that will happen to me, but if it does, I like to think the viewers will draw the obvious conclusion -- that I am a sexually confident woman who made a video for someone she cared about. If someone I knew saw the images and judged me negatively for making them, I feel confident that the problem is with them, not with me. Of course, the admonitions against sexting aren't just about future employment. Women are also warned that having your nudes leaked is emotionally devastating. And again, women receive these warnings SO much more often than men.

I take issue with this because it teaches women that their naked bodies are sources of shame. It's profoundly discouraging to tell women that being seen naked is the worst thing that can happen to them. It teaches us that the reactions and opinions of others should determine how we relate to our bodies. Cosmopolitan, Dear Prudence, my mom, and my sex ed teacher all tell me sexting reddit I shouldn't sext in private because there's a possibility someone might find out and judge me.

Honestly, I feel more oppressed by this paternalistic brand of patriarchy than I do by men's rights activists or the pay gap. So when I sext with my boyfriend, the main goal is to get us off. But it's also my little way of reassuring myself that I decide what to do with my body, and I get to decide which risky behaviors are worth taking. I hit "give gold" for this but then it asked me to pay money or something. I'll just hit the up arrow thing. Thanks for sharing this. You should be the official spokeswoman for a committee against bullshit and corrupted, nonsensical standards.

I can agree with all these points as well. You feel confident that someone wants to see that when they can't come to your place and see it. You feel wanted and appreciated. A guy I hooked up with a few years ago used ask me for pics all the time. Finally, because I sexting reddit like I might lose him I just felt super sexy taking them, and I still feel good looking at them now. Plus, one day, my boobs sexting reddit be down around my waist and it will be nice to remember. The relationship ended pretty badly. He treated me poorly the whole time and I was insecure and went along with it.

When it finally ended and I was over it and I realized how bad some of what he had done was, I also realized I could never tell anyone. He's got naked pictures of me; I can never get them back and I can never be sure he hasn't shared them. If I were to ever really tell people some of what he did, he could share the pictures.

I truly did like taking the pictures, but I don't know if I'll ever do it again. I thought I could trust this guy and realized later that most of my judgements about him were wrong - I don't want to expose myself to that much risk again. That said, I love sexy texting hook-ups and boyfriends now. Just without pics. I used to ask but would get a bullshit answer about how the female form is so beautiful and the male form is not, so why would I even want to see that.

Uhh because I like dicks, moron. Are you me? It's interesting how as women we are told to be proud of our bodies, but documenting it turns into a shameful act. I'm working on a book about modern romance sexting reddit wanted to reach out to the reddit community to share their experiences. I've read and been told many interesting stories that I will be commenting on here. Thanks for your time.

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Eric and I have been doing interviews and focus groups on modern romance all sexting reddit the US and in some other countries, too. We'd like to use your comments here the way we use what we learn in our other conversations. So any and all stories posted here may be used in our book. This was retyped and not copied and pasted from the subreddit description. This is one of his resources for coming up with new material I had a friend do Ive been to several shows Aziz and I want to apologize for the lack of applause at your early show in Chicago a few months back.

You said something along the lines of "you must get a lot of celebrities here" due to our lack of applause. In reality nobody expected you to shoot onstage so soon after the opening act. We really do love you in Chicago!

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Come back soon! If you're sexting in front of a bathroom mirror you're doing it wrong. I've done it when sexting reddit a relationship with someone and as a playful way to tease the other person I don't understand guys that just jump start throwing it at a girl like it's a normal topic of conversation, to me it's more intimate. I do this a fair amount, but only if we have slept together already and preferably if there is some assumption that we will sleep together again. I have no interest in it if I don't know someone's body and they don't know mine. I most enjoy getting and sending filthy texts while I'm totally sober and at work.

Been waiting to tell this! My boyfriend wanted to, I was uncomfortable with the idea but he begged and dropped the "if you love me you will" line. Said some stuff back and forth. I wasn't really sure what to say. He asked for a picture of me fingering myself.

I obliged, then started getting texts from random s calling me things like "nasty slut".

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Turns out he was at a party, passing his phone around and showing people what I sent. Utterly humiliating. That was years ago, and I haven't sent another sext since. That's horrible, what a terrible person, sorry that happened. I do not know what I would do. What I feel like doing to your ex hopefully is that I would kick him in the nuts if I had the chance! And that was not even me!

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I used to date a girl sexting reddit was extremely boring. She was so boring she would never put condiments on anything. That's how boring she was. Anyway, we decided to sext to try to spice things up and save our relationship so I started writing the dirtiest things I could come up with and sending them to her.

Now one thing you don't know about me is that I never ever write anything out I just text to speech everything. So I would do that from time to time and shed get all hot and shed like it. I want to say this helped our relationship and extended it a couple months. Fast forward one day and she's the one that starts sexting me randomly and since this rarely happens I wanted to write back but I was at work. So I decided to head over to the restroom. I'm in the restroom and it looks empty so I head into a stall lock the door and I wanted to grab my cock with two hands so I leave my phone on top of the toilet dispenser and start fapping away as I'm recording and sending all of this then all of a sudden I hear the door of the stall next to me open and I guess the guy in there had been hearing me because he starts yelling 'Wtf are you doing you disgusting freak, what kind of person does sexting reddit What's your experiences with sexting?

Why did you decide to start doing it? Were the experiences positive or negative? Posted by 6 years ago. Sort by: best. Continue this thread. Exactly this.

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For context, I'm a twenty-something girl. Don't suppose your guy's name started with a D? Are you writing a book Aziz? How about this title? SEXT: If bathroom mirrors could talk. Edit: My sex is pretty decent and I'm a male. More posts from the modernromantics community. Hi I'm comedian Aziz Ansari. Created Mar 3, Top posts november 13th Top posts of november, Top posts Back to Top.

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