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Here, Rose tells The Daily about how she overcame adversity to make her dreams come true. I came to America from the Philippines when Snapchat babes tumblr was years-old, and grew up in Hawthorne, California. Growing up, my mom was a single parent, raising two kids, and working two full-time jobs, so I really had to grow up quickly, hold my own, and take care of myself.

When I was years-old, I was getting into a lot of trouble. My mom was pushing for me to find a hobby to put my energy into, instead of hanging out with the wrong crowd. I told her I liked taking photos of my friends on my phone even though it was just a flip phone! What about photography did you fall in love with?

I just loved the sets and the concepts of the shoots. It was so fascinating to me. My friends and I would play dress up, and go shoot around parks, abandoned houses, or train tracks. I loved creating concepts and making them come to life. Was fashion always a focal point for your photography? You moved to L. What did you learn from that? Moving out at years-old to pursue my passion taught me about responsibilities and hard work.

I only had one plan, which is to become a successful photographer. There was no plan B! It was insanely hard. I was barely making ends meet and my car would break down all the time, but it was also a time that really pushed me to focus on photography, networking, and snapchat babes tumblr my portfolio, as well as growing as a photographer. I would watch endless YouTube videos on editing and lighting techniques and study the industry. Are there any mentors that have helped you get to where you are today?

My mentor, Luis Trujillo, has been a big part of my journey. I met him when I was years-old, while he was doing a photo shoot in Venice Beach. I went up to him and asked him if I could assist him and he told me to him. At first he said no, because I was too young, but I was persistent and he finally let me intern for him. It was such a rush!

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He taught me all the fundamentals of photography, and to believe in myself and focus on my dreams. I am so grateful to have him in my life, 10 years later. A post shared by Emilynn Rose emilynnrose. Your photography is inspired by women empowerment, and highlighting the ways in which women can be equally powerful and feminine. How do you showcase that through your work? I like to showcase my models in a way snapchat babes tumblr feels bold and powerful, but not over sexualized. I want other women to look at my work and know that I am embracing the female body, but not selling it for the purpose of sexualization.

Most of my photos are shot pretty close to what the final images will look like. I want my subjects to see their real selves when they receive my photos, not a version of what I think is beautiful. That way they can embrace what they look like. I love working with men too, but working in a full female team always feels very empowering to me. Every time I get a cover, or a billboard it still feels unreal. It gives me the greatest sense of joy, gratitude, and accomplishment. What are some other pinch me moments?

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And the Elle Arabia April cover has definitely been a pinch me moment for me! A lot of your projects emphasize diversity, natural beauty, and inclusion in regards to body shape. Why is this particularly important to you? As a woman who gets to photograph other women, I get to see snapchat babes tumblr fall in love with the different ranges of body types and skin colors and how different, yet beautiful, all these women are. The women who come in front of my camera who are confident and in love with their body and their natural beauty, empowers me too and helps build my own confidence.

When I share it through my work, I hope that the people who view my work will feel that same way. Representation today is improving gradually, and I can tell brands are more conscious of it. I love seeing the growth and I hope that it continues. The media has a big impact on people, so when people see with women of different ethnicities and with body shapes, it will bring more openness.

Tell us about Rose Studios! Rose Studios is my second baby. I opened Rose Studios three years ago with my business partner, Mandy Pacheco. We currently own four studios and three rooftops, and are hoping to open more this year! It is so nice to have my own studio that I get to share with others. I love seeing other creatives come in the studio and see how they shoot in the space.

There are so many incredible artists out there that will shoot in our space and make it look completely different. It has definitely been a whirlwind of emotions!

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However, despite all the craziness, life for me is really good and today I feel more grateful than ever for what I have been blessed with in my life. Any exciting projects in the works? So many great things will be coming! New covers, new campaigns, new studio and creative work!

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