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March 23, in Fully NudeModels by Romanticwarrior 12 comments. That started the ball rolling. Now, Vi is an Instagram star with over 60, followers. Born in Vietnam and raised in St. Louis, Missouri, Vi is best known for modeling swimwear and lingerie from her photo shoots. A quite attractive woman. Links Instagram Facebook Twitter. Comments RSS feed for this article. She is a very pretty woman and she has a great figure.

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She does look very nice in all of her fashions. The bolt on breast are a little over the top. Lee on March 23, at AM Dr. Lee Quote Reply. People state your opinion in a more respectful manner—people seem to forget their manners when it comes to breast implants. Great nipples. For me it is her face. It just seams to not match her body. But, really some photos she looks cute, then some photos she looks so stern.

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I like her a lot! Firm, toned, body. She is a very sexy lady and that is indeed an arse to die for. Nice body, face is average. Boob job is below standard.

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me follow-up comments or subscribe without commenting. ChickenEssence commented on the post, Alina Lando 7 hours ago. JohnDonne commented on the post, Alina Lando 7 hours ago. Lee commented on the post, Alexa Miro alexamiro. PutriCinta posted an update in the group Announcements 1 year ago. My Nude Wall Calendar is ready! I shot with some of the worlds top photographers at some amazing beaches, and I am really proud of the final result. I hope you like it too.

I am sorry it is a bit late in the year… []. Luke posted an update in the group Announcements 2 years ago. You have seen a couple of the girls featured over recent weeks but have you checked out FoxiModels? They are releasing fresh material every week of very sexy, very naked girls!

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Yes they stopped putting out new material. Putri has gone out on her own and seems to be working with the same crew. The premium packages can get pricey. Luke posted an update in the group Announcements 3 years ago. My wife Mei Lin want to show her body again…. Lee Quote Reply Maybe not the prettiest at least by Viet standardsbut very, very sexy. Leemaybe, but these implants were indeed poorly done…. What Year is it?! I love her tiny nipples!! Name required. required.

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Your comment. Featured Portfolios. View all our featured portfolios Get featured on Asian Sirens. Latest Blog Activity Viewing item 1 to 5 of 5 items. Blog Staff Dr. Lee Asian Sirens' admin, moderator, editor, tech guy, deer…. Romanticwarrior "I swear, by thee I swear, Asian women I find the most fair. Latest Announcements Viewing item 1 to 3 of 3 items. I hope you like it too I am sorry it is a bit late in the year… []. Lee replied 1 year ago. SurferD replied 1 year ago. Foximodels was great but way overpriced. Looks like the site is down.

Luke replied 1 year ago. Lee replied 3 years ago. Luke replied 3 years ago. Romanticwarrior replied 3 years ago. View All Announcements. Latest Forum Activity Viewing item 1 to 5 of 5 items. Please name me Asian Blowjob Queen, I try to put my pictures tomorrow, thank.

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Vi ho nude

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