Wife with bulls

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My wife and I started getting into cuckolding a year or 2 ago after 4 years of very happy marriage. I believe during those 1st 4 years we saw each other as equals. One of her 2 main bulls has become very authoritative. He likes to command both me and my wife around which we both find so hot. But I think my wife is genuinely losing respect for me as she sees me jumping to obey him. The other night they were in bed together as I just kind of waited in the other room when I heard my wife yell "there's no way I'm doing that, it's gross!

Get your little girlfriend to do it! So I knelt behind him and started licking thinking it was so hot, but I looked up at my wife after a couple wife with bulls and just saw absolute disgust on her face. I think that was the nail in the coffin for her. Now I can tell even when there are no bulls around, she thinks of me as "lesser".

She gives me "commands" and I do them in an attempt to please her. This is no longer a marriage of equals. She lets me know how things are going to be, and I follow.

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I can't decide if I find this hot or this is a path to destruction. Last night she got back from a long day and said she wanted her ass licked while she was on her laptop. I obviously really wanted to so bad but didn't want to always jump to her every command so said I wasn't in the mood and just wanted to relax.

She absolutely ridiculed me for licking his ass but not hers, calling me a sissy, etc.

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By the end of her rant I was begging to let me lick her back there but she wouldn't let me and called over her bull. I felt so incredibly dumb for not giving her what she wants based off stupid male pride I talked with our bull about maybe being less mean and commanding of me and I got "sure, sure" but nothing has changed. Fast forward to an hour ago and pretty much everything is gone. She left me for him and ended it via text.

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At least she left me a copy of Skyrim. This Post - archive. I am a bot. I am a bot, and this action was performed automatically. Please contact the moderators of this subreddit if you have any questions or concerns.

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My wife took the kids and left me for our bull. This is what I came home to. Posted by Verified. Sort by: best. Verified. Continue this thread.

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Yuck, she left shit on the floor. Wow your house has a nice view. Snapshots: This Post - archive. Safe space breach detected. Quarantine activated. More posts from the Gamingcirclejerk community. Do you guys remember The Witcher 3? Created Apr 6, Top posts april 21st Top posts of april, Top posts Back to Top.

Wife with bulls

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